CMS Website Maintenance services Bangalore

CMS Website Maintenance

Keep your CMS installation up to date .

Improve functionality with new modules

Experience real time updates

Upgrade the CMS installation

Fix broken links for a better user experience.


Why Cms Website Maintenance?

Once your website is live and running the contents and security patches needs to be updated regularly. Your website should be maintained in order to perform well. So, website maintenance services has become a part of our web service offering and it is provided after designing and programming work has been done. All live cms websites require regular updates and maintenance, especially core security upgrades If your business is growing there is always a requirement to add new functionalities to your cms website so that it can cater to the growing communication and client-engagement (internal or/and external) needs. You need a CMS Website Maintenance services in order ensure that your website is current.

Websites that are not up to date will suffer a huge setback by losing search engine rankings. Keeping your site updated will boost your website traffic and your sales will increase significantly. There are some tasks which a content management system can't do on its own Like updating features related to programming and updates related to graphics. For these, updates we need skilled professionals. Hence, outsourcing these simple works to a web designing company like us will be a smarter idea than recruiting a full time professional. A web developing company will offer you all types of services upon signing of a contract.

Site solutions bangalore best website maintenance company has an experienced team of web designers and developers who will keep your website updated. Site Solutions provides CMS Website maintenance services for CMS websites of any size. We provide 24*7 professional support in order to make any changes in your site. our website maintenance can provide you with continuous, Reliable and affordable website solutions. Talk to our experts now and take a step towards the brighter side of your business. We believe in giving our best to the customer.

Currently our CMS website Maintenance services supports open source CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Our standard maintenance packages include updating your core install and all contributed modules within your install. All live cms websites require regular updates and maintenance, especially core security upgrades If your business is growing, it is surely evolving its services for its clients as well and your internal and external CMS applications need to reflect these changes.

Select Site solutions as your CMS website maintenance company and we will ensure that your website is updated

What Site Solutions the website maintenance company can do for you?

Upgrade the installation with security updates

Resolving bugs reported on your live site

Website monthly backup

Fixing broken links

Add, edit and delete pages, images, links

Answering queries on publishing content on the Drupal website

Installing new modules and configuring them

Update contributed Drupal modules for security fixes

Making minor modifications to HTML/CSS of your Drupal theme

Code cleanup (code review and code documentation)

Test Cases Documentation



Before the beginning regular CMS Website Maintenance, it is important to understand the process and scope involved in CMS Website Maintenance. Site Solutions caters to clients who require scalable CMS Website Maintenance packages.

Receive Updates

Perform Updates

Publish Updates

Why Website Maintenance is Beneficial to Your Business?

This year research shows that approximately 85% of all Web sites are found via search engines


A regularly updated website attracts the visitors and can generate more traffic and sales.

Search Engines

Rank higher in search engine by regularly updating your website.

First Impressions

Your customer will go online to check your website after meeting and exchanging business cards with you,


You can ensure customers will continue to revisit your website If you provide relevant, interesting, shareable content


We update your CMS with the latest bug fixes and security patches and ensure the your website is secure.


Backing up your website on a regular basis is crucial to prevent data loss.

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